About Us

Malco Inspirational Gifts

Founded in 1889, Malco is a company that is proud of its heritage. Today, the company is run by the 4th generation of the Malhame family and is committed to providing products of the highest quality. Malhame provides the inspirational market with a broad range of gifts through Malco Inspirational Gifts.
The company’s commitment to quality is as strong today as it was at its founding. Malco believes that its success is directly related to the success of its retailers.
Believing that innovation is the key to future growth, the company has made an extraordinary commitment to the development of new and innovative product lines.
By working closely with its retailers, Malco is confident that the future will be both exciting and full of opportunities.


Mission Statement

Malco is committed to the continuing growth of our business and to maintaining our position as a leader in the field.
Recognizing our position as a leader in the sale of Catholic devotionals, rosaries, and inspirational gifts, Malco is committed to growing our market share of this core business and to continuing our position as the market leader.

The objective of Malco is to be the leading provider of Catholic and inspirational gifts to the following markets:

  • NCGA
  • Catholic and Christian Bookstores
  • Non-Profit Fundraisers
  • Catholic and Inspirational Direct Mail Catalogs
  • Secular Gift
Malco will continue to grow the company while maintaining the highest level of product quality and ethical business practices.